Dannii Elliott - Senior Relationship Manager (Associate)

Dannii liaises directly with her clients, their families and also case managers and other professionals to help best meet her clients’ needs.

Dannii has to consider the financial implications of any decisions based on the client’s circumstance and work with other members of the firm, together with outside professionals, to ensure her clients’ needs are met.

Dannii joined the Court of Protection team in April 2017 as an Apprentice Admin Assistant and has progressed through the team as the relevant experience has been gained. Firstly becoming a Trainee Caseworker and then a Caseworker in 2018 and since then, a Relationship Manager in 2019. This progression has allowed Dannii to fully understand the wider responsibilities within the team and apply this to her current role. Before this Dannii was completing her A Levels, alongside working in the customer service sector. She now applies this to her current role as a Senior Relationship Manager.