Parents urged to keep children off TikTok after suicide video circulates

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As the children went back to school this week, parents were being contacted by schools to raise awareness of distressing video images on the social media video platform of a suicide and asking parents to be vigilant.

The images, which originally were live-streamed on Facebook, which showed someone live-streaming their suicide, were taken down by Tiktok but there were still images that remained in circulation.

Sharon Allison, Partner at Ashtons legal, who specialises in mental health claims and particularly those of suicide has said: “These particular images are incredibly distressing and can disturb the minds of many adults let alone children.”

Social media platforms are bombarded with attempts to get this distressing video content out in the public arena with no regard whatsoever as to the distress it will cause. Parents should be incredibly vigilant as to what social media platforms their children are accessing and what they are watching when they are on there.

Our children are so vulnerable at young ages in any event without the additional pressures that COVID places on families and lifestyle and the impact that technology places on their safety, so videos like this add another layer of complexity as to how we can keep our children safe.

Children are under more pressure than ever before and content like this does nothing to help keep our children safe. If any parents are concerned about the mental health of their child, there is such a lot of help available.

Most schools have mental health support however online resources such a MIND and Zero Suicide Alliance help with advice to have conversations and to learn strategies to help support loved ones.

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