Women Urged to Have Smear Tests

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A recent study performed in Sweden suggests that women who are diagnosed with cancer following a smear test have a greater chance of being cured than women who do not attend for tests.

Statistics showed that 92% of women diagnosed with cervical cancer following smear testing are cured. The success rate decreases to 66% for symptom-based diagnoses.Similar statistics are thought to apply to the UK with once cancer charity quoting statistics that show 5,000 lives in the UK every year are saved by smear testing.

NHS statistics indicate that one in five in women within the UK continue to decline when invited for smear tests. The reason for this is not known but many consider that further investment in educating women regarding the benefits of smear testing is required.

Benjamin Ward, a Medical Injury Solicitor at Ashtons Legal, comments; “Going for a smear test is a no-brainer and I would implore all women who are unsure about attending or feel embarrassed by attending to consider the benefits of such tests. If all women attended for smear tests when invited the death rate for cervical cancer would almost be wiped out. This is because cervical smearing can identify pre-cancerous and potentially pre-cancerous changes in cervical cells and tissues. Treatment of these cells can prevent the development of cancer in many patients. Statistics that quote 1 in 5 women failing to attend smear tests are quite simply shocking. Whether this truly is due to a lack of understanding about cervical cancer and the benefits of smear testing is unknown but the NHS can only do so much. Women must take responsibility for smear testing into their own hands. It truly is a life saver”.


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