Taking legal advice helps road accident victim claim compensation

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Posted 17/02/2011

A woman involved in a road crash has been awarded personal injury compensation after taking legal advice on her case.

The unnamed 32-year-old was a passenger in a car that crashed on its way to Malton in North Yorkshire, the Hull and East Riding Mail reports.

The injuries to her arm were so severe that she was unable to work for a significant time and had to have two operations to correct the damage.

Although the victim spoke to her insurance company, she was only offered £3,000 in compensation.

She decided to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer instead and has now been awarded £19,000 to cover her pain, suffering and lost earnings.

“At first, the insurance company put me under a lot of pressure to accept their offer of £3,000 and said I didn’t need a lawyer. To anyone in the same position I’d tell them not to sign away their legal rights,” the woman remarked.

Anyone hurt in a road crash, whether they were a driver or passenger, may be eligible for personal injury compensation and should consider getting advice from the specialist team at Ashtons Legal.

Simon Davis, a partner in the Ashtons Legal personal injury team, comments: “It is in an insurer’s interest to press for an early settlement but rarely in the interest of the injured party. Injuries are rarely straightforward or their consequences entirely predictable. 

“A pause to ensure the recovery period is as short as is suggested – and legal advice to ensure all aspects of a claim are covered – are recommended in every case. This experience is reflected in those of a number of our clients pressed to settle early. We have invariably negotiated a substantial increase in the original offer.”


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