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Posted 21/02/2012

Your Employment Service has been developed to protect your business. It provides these vital services:- free legal audit*
– legal helpline – unlimited advice from our experienced specialist solicitors to help you avoid claims in the first place
– claims handling service – to deal with any claims you are faced with.
Can you afford to defend a claim?Many employers have been placed in a difficult situation by employees bringing weak tribunal claims. Any employer who has been forced to run the gauntlet with the Employment Tribunal system will no doubt agree with the call of the CBI to change the system to weed out poor claims at an early stage. Whilst positive changes are planned as part of the deregulation of employment law, sadly these proposals do not include heavier scrutiny of claims at an early stage and they are therefore unlikely to tackle the problem adequately. With the average tribunal award at a surprisingly low ?4,000, the CBI states that it is the cost of defending claims which drives employers to settle almost 60% of cases, even after being advised that they are likely to win. This is why Ashtons Legal has developed YES. How does YES work?For a monthly premium, you will have the peace of mind which easy access to first class legal advice will provide. The cost of the service will depend on a number of factors such as the number of staff you employ and the nature of your business but YES will give you complete peace of mind from as little as ?5 per day, enabling you to get on with running your business.To obtain a quote for Your Employment Service, call a member of our Employment Team to book an appointment.
*Available for clients who sign up to the service before 31 March 2012


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