Report confirms that 31 NHS Trusts are in debt

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Posted 19/09/2012

A recent Audit Commission report has confirmed that 31 NHS trusts are now considered to be in debt, compared to 13 Trusts for the previous year.The health service has been advised that it needs to save £20bn by the year 2015 which means stark cuts in spending and resources for a number of Trusts.

The South London Healthcare Trust have the highest deficit nationwide at £65m, which has led to them being put into administration.

Sharon Allison, a Medical Injury lawyer at Ashtons Legal says: “Whilst the country is in recession, everyone accepts that cutbacks need to be made, however, the scale of cutbacks within the NHS are concerning.

We are hearing stories on a daily basis of cuts to nursing and midwifery staff and resources/services previously provided. It is hardly surprising that this will ultimately impact on patient safety.

What is even more depressing is that Government refuses to accept that we do not have a compensation culture. They are pressing ahead with funding reforms to medical injury cases which will mean that victims of medical accidents will have to use part of their compensation to pay for legal costs which are currently being met by the Defendant causing the injury.

By the Government demanding cutbacks in healthcare spending which can ultimately lead to medical accidents, it strikes me as a bitter blow to the victim of a medical injury that he/she has to pay legal costs out of their much needed compensation, to provide a saving to the NHS in defence costs. Hasn’t the victim lost enough?

If you wish to discuss a medical injury case, please contact Sharon Allison or any member of the Medical Injury Team on 01842 752401.


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