£810,000 settlement for negligent failure to treat infection, leading to amputation

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Posted 17/07/2013

Sandra Patton, who heads the clinical negligence team at Ashtons Legal, has secured compensation of £810,000 for a 76 year old man, Mr T, who had to have his leg amputated after a knee replacement. Following surgery, the knee became infected but the hospital failed to deal with the infection properly, so that eventually it became overwhelming and he needed his leg amputated at thigh level to save his life.Sandra comments: “‘Infection is a risk in any surgery. However, Mr T was very concerned about the standards of hygiene in the hospital, dirty dressings were left on windowsills, soiled sheets were place on top of clean ones and there was no hand sanitizer available. Basic standards of cleanliness were being ignored. It is small wonder infection occurred. When he went back to the hospital with signs of infection, these were not properly investigated or treated and the infection took hold, with these devastating consequences. At a time when Mr T should have been enjoying his retirement, he was left severely disabled and confined to a downstairs room as he was unable to manage the stairs in his home. He has had tireless support from his partner but life has been extremely difficult for them. With this settlement, he will move to an adapted bungalow where he can be much more independent. He will have the transport and aids he needs to allow him to return to some of his hobbies and activities. In these claims, the purpose of compensation is to put the patient in the position they would have been in but for the negligence. It is often impossible to do that, but we can secure money to make life much more comfortable and rewarding, and that is certainly what we have achieved here”.


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