£500k obtained for failed surgery affecting long term health

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Posted 02/06/2015

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Rosaline Wong, a medical negligence specialist at Ashtons Legal, has obtained a £500k settlement for a man whose botched leg surgery and subsequent treatment has had a devastating impact on his mobility and general health and led to long term disabilities. Mr T required surgery after fracturing his femur. The first operation that was carried out failed because a fixation nail was not adequately locked but he had to wait over a year before revision surgery was carried out. He developed a range of complications including one leg being shorter than the other and restricted movement in his leg and knee. He was unable to walk or work and had to undergo a further five operations including a leg lengthening procedure. There have been long-term effects on his mental wellbeing and he is also on long-term warfarin as he has an increased risk of venous ulceration and thrombosis. He is likely to require knee replacements in the future.

Rosaline comments: “If something goes wrong during surgery, then diagnosing the problem and correcting it rapidly are key. In this case, Mr T was failed by the after-care and faces the rest of his life with reduced mobility and related issues which should not have been the case.”


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