£10K obtained for woman with Lupus who suffered Achilles tendon rupture

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Posted 22/05/2013

Ashtons Legal clinical negligence solicitor Ben Ward has obtained a £10,000 settlement for a Norfolk woman who could possibly have avoided a ruptured Achilles tendon if doctors had followed up promptly on her reports that she was suffering with heel pain. Mrs F had been suffering with the incurable immune system illness ‘lupus’ for over 15 years and was receiving medication for this in the form of corticosteroids.In October 2010 Mrs F started to develop a chesty cough. She was treated with clarithromycin but this did not clear. She was investigated for lung cancer and was given the all clear. However, the cough persisted. In February 2011 a consultant physician therefore prescribed her with levofloxacin. In females of the claimant’s age with a history of corticosteroid use, levofloxacin is known to cause a high rate of spontaneous Achilles tendon ruptures. However, Mrs F was never advised of this.Immediately following being prescribed levofloxacin Mrs F reported to her physician that she was suffering pain in her heel and ankles. No advice was provided to Mrs F and she was not referred to an orthopaedic surgeon. There was a duty on the physician to have acted promptly given the high risk of potential Achilles tendon rupture. In the event Mrs F suffered a spontaneous Achilles tendon rupture which was left untreated for two months. She required surgery, which would have been required in any event, but she could have avoided two months worth of unnecessary pain and suffering. Mrs F has now made a good recovery. 


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