People starting a business ‘are not confident about government advice’

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Posted 03/03/2011

A new survey has revealed that people starting up or buying a business do not feel confident about the advice and support they receive from the government.

The Sage international business report found that although 43 per cent of business owners said they thought the UK is a good place to be an entrepreneur, they did not feel as though they were assisted enough during the early stages of their company.

Only 14 per cent said they thought support and advice provided by the government was something they could rely on, with business bureaucracy and legislation – as well as a lack of access to finance – cited as key concerns by many.

The report found that a large number of entrepreneurs had resorted to doing their own research to get the information they needed, perhaps using accountants or company and commercial solicitors to provide additional help.

“Small business in the UK is strangled by the banks’ refusal to lend under government guarantee schemes and the government’s total ignorance of life outside Westminster,” one survey respondent commented.

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