Over £250,000 obtained for lorry driver following multi-vehicle traffic collision

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Michael Wangermann, a personal injury specialist at Ashtons, has obtained more than £250,000 for a lorry driver who has involved in a frightening multi-vehicle collision on the A14.

Despite Mr T recovering over a period of a few years from his physical injuries, he experienced persistent headaches and psychological issues. As a result, Mr T struggled to maintain employment, was depressed and, at one stage, suicidal.

The claim was transferred to Ashtons having previously been considered to be a low value injury claim by Mr T’s previous solicitor.

Michael Wangermann comments: “I was concerned that Mr T was not being advised on all the aspects of the injuries, including what I believed to be a subtle brain injury. Instructing the right medical experts and getting Mr T the proper treatment was vital. The medical experts were only able to give a clear prognosis at the end of 2017. The medical experts acting for the other party’s insurers also concluded there was a brain injury although there was disagreement on the extent to which this was interfering with Mr T’s ability to work. After court proceedings were issued, Mr T was initially offered £50,000 and then £150,000. Mr T had been told by his previous solicitors he was likely to get £15,000.

“The aim of a personal injury claim is to put the injured person back as closely as possible to the position they were in before the incident in which they were injured occurred. None of the smaller sums offered were going to do this if Mr T was unable to return to work. Clearly even the larger sum will not stop his headaches or reverse his subtle brain injury but it will enable him to lead as normal a life as possible. This case illustrates quite clearly that choice of solicitor can make a substantial difference to the outcome.”


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