OAP hurt by mobility scooter seeks personal injury compensation

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Posted 19/04/2011

Personal injury compensation is being sought by a pensioner who was knocked over and hurt by a mobility scooter.

Audrey King, 70, had been shopping in an indoor market when she was suddenly hit by the device, causing her to fall to the ground, the Daily Mail reports.

She sustained a broken hip and femur and may need hip replacement surgery in the future to allow her to fully recover.

“This woman was tearing through the market at such a speed. Thank God it was me and not a child because they’d have been killed,” the victim commented.

Mrs King is now taking legal action against the unnamed driver who, because she was not required by law to have insurance, would have to pay the compensation herself if the case succeeds.

People who ride mobility scooters have to register them with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, but are not bound by the same rules as motorists and do not have to have insurance.

However, as is the case here, they may be sued for negligence if they can be found to have been driving dangerously.

Simon Davis, a personal injury expert at Ashtons Legal, says: “This story reminds us that failing to take account of the safety of others in any vehicle can lead to paying compensation. Many people have household insurance that includes cover (subject to the terms of the policy) for such a claim. I suspect Mrs King knows that too.”


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