NHS planning further cuts

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Posted 26/08/2016 By: Julie Crossley

Plans are being drawn up that could see cuts to NHS services across England. There would be closures, cuts in bed numbers and changes to A&E and GP care in potentially 44 areas. The role of community hospitals is being questioned and the number of mental health inpatient sites could be reduced.

There have been have been no consultations on the plans so far but the problem facing NHS England is the need to find £22bn in efficiency savings by 2020/21.

An NHS England spokesman said: “This is a unique exercise in collaboration. It is hardly a secret that the NHS is looking to make major efficiencies and the best way of doing so is for local doctors, hospitals and councils to work together to decide the way forward in consultation with local communities. Proposals are at a draft stage but we expect all local leaders to be talking to the public and stakeholders regularly – it is vital that people are able to shape the future of their local services. No changes to the services people currently receive will be made without local engagement and, where required, consultation.”

Julie Crossley, a medical injury lawyer at Ashtons Legal, comments: “Cuts in services will increase the likelihood of errors and delay, both of which lead in the long term to an increase in litigation. It is not always cost effective because what is saved in one area by cutting services will be lost by the increase in compensation claims and legal costs. Patient safety and appropriate and timely treatment has to be the priority”.


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