MRSA outbreak eradicated in Cambridge hospital

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Posted 14/11/2012

Rapid genetic testing was used to find the source of an outbreak of MRSA amongst babies at the Rosie Maternity Unit in Cambridge. The infection was identified in 12 babies during routine screening. After treatment and cleansing of the hospital, there was another case of the infection which led to rapid genetic testing which successfully identified a member of staff who, like many in the population, was carrying the infection. This has allowed the hospital to clear the infection and prevent contamination from the same source in the future.

It is thought to be the first time that what is in effect a more sophisticated version of a paternity test has been used in this way, and it is now thought that this could be a viable way of identifying sources of infection in the future.

Trefine Maynard, a medical injury specialist at Ashtons Legal, said: “Hospital acquired infections can be catastrophic and are a major source of worry for those who are admitted to hospital.  This new advance into investigation into the possible source of an outbreak of infection is to be welcomed, but must not allow anyone to neglect the basic hygiene procedures that – if properly carried out – will in many cases prevent the spread of infection in the first place. The effort to find new and innovative methods of successfully treating these infections is however to be welcomed.”Find out more about our Medical Injury services.


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