Medical negligence lawyer, Sharon Allison comments on the inquest into the death of Bella Hellings

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Posted 26/09/2013

An inquest into the death of three-month old baby Bella Hellings took place at Norfolk Coroners Court yesterday. Bella’s parents, Amy Carter and Scott Hellings were represented by Ashtons Legal medical negligence lawyer, Sharon Allison.Bella died on 11 March 2013 after mum Amy Carter had put in an emergency call because Bella had suffered a fit and stopped breathing. But due to a series of delays, including the ambulance getting lost on its way to her home in Thetford, it was too late to save her.The coroner, William Armstrong recorded a narrative conclusion that Bella died from congenital heart disease after delays in medical assistance which reduced the prospects of her survival.He said: “The delay in giving Bella the care that she needed was wholly indefensible. There was a catalogue of catastrophes and a chaotic response.”Sharon Allison commented: “It’s impossible to imagine the anguish and heartache that Bella’s parents have gone through in the past few months. They were let down by the health service when they needed them the most. Their grief is still very raw, but the verdict given yesterday does give them some hope that measures will now be put in place by the East of England Ambulance service to ensure that no other parent has to go through what they have been through.”View coverage of the case on ITV AngliaRead more here.


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