Marriage breakdown? Here are 10 reasons to initiate divorce proceedings

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Divorce, dissolution or separation can often lead to conflict and heartache.

There are different ways in which your divorce or separation can be handled and it is important to choose the right process for you. Choosing the right process in the beginning could save you time, money and anguish for you and your family.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should consider initiating divorce proceedings:

  1. To formally evidence that the marriage has come to an end and reflect the reality of the situation
  2. To bring certainty and closure for you, your spouse and any children involved in the relationship breakdown
  3. To enable you to remarry
  4. To be in the driving seat of the pace and costs of divorce proceedings and the specific content included within the divorce petition itself
  5. To get financial negotiations/settlement discussions off to the right start at an early stage
  6. To commence constructive discussions about financial settlement so as to formally extinguish valid claims you may have one against the other of a pension, property and income nature etc… and ensure they are legally binding
  7. For peace of mind that you are bringing the relationship to an end in the right way and will not have to go through divorce/financial proceedings further down the line in any event
  8. To help find a resolution to arrangements for your children
  9. To regain identity and confidence and / or remove yourself from a difficult marriage
  10. To help you move on and plan for you future both financially and emotionally.


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