Man sues Esso for compensation amid breathing difficulties claims

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Posted 10/02/2011

A man from Doncaster is waiting to hear if he will be awarded personal injury compensation after filing a lawsuit against Esso Petroleum.

Graham Wood is claiming he has suffered breathing difficulties ever since working at the organisation’s Fawley Refinery in June 2005, the Star reports.

He told a court in London that after being exposed to a “strong and unpleasant smell” one day, he has been “plagued with respiratory symptoms”.

His barrister commented that while his client has no evidence as to what caused the odour, he believes it to have been a “noxious” substance.

Mr Wood, who was working for an outside contractor at the time, is claiming £1 million in damages for loss of earnings along with “pain and suffering”.

In response, Esso – also known as Exxon Mobil in the UK – has denied the allegations, citing the fact that, of the 30 other people present, none displayed adverse reactions.

The firm was first established as the Anglo American Oil Company in 1888 and the head office was located in Bishopsgate, London.

Simon Davis, a Ashtons Legal partner who specialises in claims involving workplace injuries and respiratory disease, comments: “It is clear that a lot more work will be needed to determine what Mr Wood breathed in and what injury was caused. 

“It is important that people use a specialist solicitor who has access to the most knowledgeable experts in respiratory disease and workplace chemical exposure to decide whether compensation is possible in these circumstances.”


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