Hairdressers could help to spot skin cancer symptoms

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Posted 20/03/2012

Skin cancer is one of the most common kinds of cancer with about 10,000 cases being diagnosed each year in the UK. Despite this there is no general screening programme in the UK.Most cases are preventable, but even so the rates are rising. Lesions on the scalp or back of the neck are easily missed and experts have suggested that hairdressers could be trained to alert their clients if they see anything unusual. American doctors have stressed the need to try to achieve earlier rates of detection and treatment and thus improve outcomes and have suggested that with some training hairdressers could be utilised to look out for any worrying signs and bring these to the attention of their clients.Nottingham City Hospital NHS trust undertook some research which revealed that most hairdressers approached were keen to take on the responsibility for this, although it is important to point out that there is no suggestion that hairdressers could or should diagnose, only that they should be trained to watch out for any lesion, especially in an area which their client cannot usually see and to alert their client to this and suggest they see their doctors.Trefine Maynard, a Clinical Negligence solicitor with the specialist medical negligence team at Ashtons Legal says: “We deal with a number of cases of skin cancer. Diagnosis at the earliest opportunity gives the best possible chance of successful outcome and minimises scarring and the amount of treatment needed. It seems extraordinary that there is no general screening or information programme in place to raise awareness of this with the public. The idea of recruiting hairdressers to help in this is a novel one but it makes very good sense. Anything that can minimise delay in treatment is to be welcomed”.


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