Government ‘should not change default retirement age’

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Posted 13/12/2010

The government must not scrap the default retirement age yet, unless it wants to leave British companies open to employment law tribunals.

This is the opinion of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which said there is currently a legislative void that must be filled before any new measures regarding retirement can be put in place.

It recommended that the default age for leaving work should not be altered for at least another year, which will give firms more time to prepare.

CBI spokesperson John Cridland said: “The government is liable to say these questions will be answered by case law but they cannot duck these issues and allow ten years of case law to decide for them. Employers don’t want to be test cases.”

The current legislation – which permits employers to force staff out as soon as they turn 65 or 60 for women – is due to change in October 2011.


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