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Posted 16/09/2012

It seems that almost every day there is an announcement which effects personal injury law at the moment.

The Government announced a rethink after only recently defending plans to introduce a minimum threshold in claims for compensation for the victims of crime. The Criminal injuries compensation scheme already has strict eligibility criteria. Although not completely off the agenda, more thought will now be given to how best to support those in our community who suffer injuries as a result of the crimes of others.

Also, the Government indicated that health and safety checks in small firms not undertaking dangerous activities would be scrapped.  

The Government also confirmed it would again consult on moves to increase the small claims track in personal injury cases. Many organisations representing claimants have felt that the Government have only been listening to insurers and not hearing both sides of the equation.

But a significant revelation in the last week or so was that Government figures show a reduction in whiplash claims by 24,000 last year.

Michael Wangermann of Ashtons Legal says: “The debate on how to reduce car insurance premia has always concentrated on what the insurers claim were the escalating costs of claims, not preventing accidents in the first place. With better technology in modern cars, the number of smaller accidents should be capable of being reduced quite significantly. This may be the first sign of this development. This in itself will mean fewer payouts.”


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