Fears about metalonmetal hip replacements

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Posted 04/04/2012

Last month The Lancet medical journal reported that experts were calling for metal-on-metal hip implants to be banned because these type of hips have been shown to have a far higher failure rate than other types of hip implants. However the press have also been reporting many other health fears related to these implants. The problems are thought to result from tiny metal particles mainly of cobalt and chromium which are thought to be released into the blood due to the friction between the two metal components of the implants. These have been thought to result in muscle and bone damage and even neurological problems. A fear that they might also increase the danger of cancer seems however to have been unfounded as a study based on nearly 41,000 patients with these hips has found no link with increased levels of cancer the British Medical Journal website has reported.

Trefine Maynard, a medical negligence solicitor with the very experienced clinical negligence team at Ashtons Legal, says that they have been seeing an increasing number of enquiries from patients who had been given metal on metal hips and who had subsequently suffered problems. “It is very good news that the recent study indicates that at least at present there is no evidence that the metal particles do give rise to an increased incidence of cancer. Those who have suffered ill effects following these type of hips have already to face the need for early surgery to replace the hips and have often already had long period of pain and loss of function. It is hoped that research into the long term effects of these hips as well as into alternative types of prosthesis will continue with patients being given full information about the type of hip that might be implanted so that they can take part in the decision about the kind of surgery they may have.”


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