Fathers ‘could receive longer paternity leave’

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Posted 17/01/2011

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has unveiled new proposals that would alter employment law relating to maternity and paternity leave.

The reforms could allow couples to share the time off that is given to parents when they have a baby.

Mr Clegg suggested the current system of allowing fathers two weeks off and mothers six months “marginalises” the male, while at the same time “patronising” the female in the relationship.

In new regulations set to be introduced in April, a man would be able to use up to six months of any maternity leave not utilised by the mother of his child.

“More and more fathers want to play a hands-on role with their young children but too many feel that they can’t,” the leader of the Liberal Democrats remarked.

A full consultation on the issue is set to be carried out by 2015.

The government advises that a man must either be the child’s biological or adopted father, or the husband or partner of the child’s mother, to qualify for paternity leave at present.


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