Employment law tribunal results in payout for disabled man

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Posted 18/10/2010

A man who said he was offended by a nickname he was given at work as a result of his disability has been awarded compensation by an employment law tribunal.

Brian Davies had worked at Remploy – which helps to get people with disabilities back into work – for 30 years when he found his manager Steve Wellens was calling him Ironside behind his back.

Although the manager insisted it was intended as a compliment, Mr Davies was upset by the moniker (which refers to a wheelchair-bound 1970s TV detective) and took his case to a tribunal.

Judge John Sherratt agreed that Mr Davies had suffered a violation of his dignity and awarded him £6,000 in compensation.

Mr Davies, who also has brittle bone disease, said he took action because he had been “treated with contempt”.

“This is the 21st century and adults don’t go around calling each other silly and derogatory nicknames like that. I found it insulting,” he added.

According to DirectGov, anyone who feels they have been treated less favourably than others as a result of a disability may be able to take action under the Disability Discrimination Act.


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