Driving more safely just by thinking about it?

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Posted 02/04/2012

Brainwave reading technology has been in development for some time now but its use has been largely aimed at the video gaming market. Now developers are investigating other possibilities for the technology.

It has already been successful in allowing a paralysed stroke patient with an otherwise healthy brain to control a mouse pointer. The technology has also led to the development of thought-controlled wheelchairs and body suits, opening up the possibility of greater independence for those who have lost physical ability either through injury or illness.

The research is still in its early stages but is looking very promising. So promising, in fact, that the car industry is getting involved and hoping that in the future road safety can be improved by the technology. It is hoped that a computer fitted within the car could read brainwaves in an emergency and act on a driver’s instincts much faster than a driver ever could.

This sort of technological advancement could have a huge effect on the number of injuries caused as a result of road traffic accidents. Of course the limiting factor will likely be the cost of such systems; but Ashtons Legal supports any initiative which promotes road safety.


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