Dossier against asbestos compensation ‘is dubious’

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Posted 17/12/2009

The Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians (Ucatt) has voiced concerns that a government dossier advocating continuing the ban on compensation claims for pleural plaque victims is not trustworthy.

Ucatt general secretary Alan Ritchie has described the influence of Professor Robert Maynard’s report Medical Aspects of Pleural Plaques: A Review for the Chief Medical Officer as “outrageous”, claiming that its author is not an expert in the field.

He highlighted the fact that Professor Maynard has confessed to never having met any sufferers of -related industrial disease.

The union leader therefore suggested that his dossier be considered “at best dubious” and disputed its legitimacy as evidence in this legal debate.

He said: “I hope that it will no longer be cited as a reason why pleural plaques victims should not receive compensation for their injuries.”

Earlier this month, the union called on the government to prioritise the restoration of compensation claims to pleural plaque victims in order to promote “social justice”.


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