Cycle helmets and the law

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Posted 01/08/2012

News that a cyclist has been killed in a collision with an Olympic bus in London once again highlights the danger for cyclists sharing roads with motorised vehicles. It is not yet known what safety equipment the rider was wearing.Olympic cyclist Bradley Wiggins – a national hero after making history with his fourth Olympic gold – will have encouraged many to dust off their bikes and try to lose a few pounds in the process. The Olympics were always meant to be about leaving a legacy. One legacy, it is hoped, will be a healthier, more active nation.

However, Bradley Wiggins realises that just as important as cycling is protecting oneself. And that was Bradley’s message following yesterday’s accident. He advocated making it illegal to cycle without a helmet, saying: “…ultimately, if you get knocked off and you ain’t got a helmet on, then how can you kind of argue”. He added: “[People] shouldn’t be riding along with iPods and phones and things on and [they] should have lights and all those things. So I think when there’s laws passed for cyclists, then you’re protected and you can say, well, I’ve done everything to be safe.”Michael Wangermann of Ashtons Legal comments: “An accident can occur at any time, even on short journeys. Accidents involving bicycles all too often leave a cyclist with severe injuries. But by doing all you can to protect yourself, making yourself visible to motorists and by not distracting yourself with technology, you give yourself the best opportunity to avoid getting injured.”


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