Court of Appeal win for Ashtons Legal

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Posted 29/04/2012

Tom Ranson, a personal injury lawyer at Ashtons Legal, has succeeded in obtaining a settlement of over ?500,000 for a client, Mr M, who has been suffering chronic pain as the result of a whiplash injury to his neck and back. The case, which was originally won at trial in December 2011 was appealed by the Defendants but successfully resisted by Ashtons Legal on Mr M’s behalf.Mr M, a 29 year old from Grimsby, was injured in a road traffic accident. He was stationary in his vehicle and was shunted by the car behind. Before the accident Mr M was employed as a security guard but was unable to return to work as a result of his spinal injuries. Although his neck pain improved with time and treatment, his back pain has persisted and continues to impact upon his day to day activities.Tom Ranson comments: “It was frustrating to have to defend this through an Appeal, when in our view it was clear that the claim was fully justified and proven. We are, however, pleased that the Court of Appeal upheld the findings made by the trial Judge. Our job as lawyers is to ‘go the extra mile’ to fight for the rights of our clients and to ensure that they are not out of pocket as a result of the injuries they have suffered. This is even more important when someone, like Mr M, suffers an injury at a young age and will have to live with their injuries for the rest of their life”.


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