Coroner for Norfolk gives support to families affected by suicide

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Posted 22/04/2013

HM Coroner for Norfolk, William Armstrong, has spoken out about the wider impact of suicide for families left behind and the need to provide them with more support.Mr Armstrong was speaking at a conference “Responding to suicide: Exploring the effects and supporting the survivors” which is the second conference of its nature to be held in Norwich. He commented on the lack of discussion about this difficult issue and the sigma attached to such a death that remains.Statistically a person will take their own life every 85 minutes in this country, which is an alarming statistic highlighted by the recent tragic death of Fiona Anderson in Lowestoft who appears to have fallen to her death last week. Ms Anderson’s three young children were found dead at her flat and the cause of their deaths are yet unknown.Sharon Allison, a medical injury lawyer at Ashtons Legal, has a specialism in mental health cases and has represented a number of families at Inquests related to suicide. She says: “It is very encouraging that Mr Armstrong is speaking out about suicide and mental health issues which are so often not reported upon”.“Any empathy, support and understanding that can be given within the Coronial system will help families tremendously in trying to come to terms with the unimaginable.”If you have any queries with regards to a medical injury claim, please do not hesitate to contact Sharon Allison or a member of the medical injury team on 01842 752401.


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