Communication ‘key to solving workplace disputes’

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Posted 04/04/2012

Employers have been urged to communicate with their staff members to avoid disputes and any possible claims under employment law.Dr David Fraser, author of Relationship Mastery: A Business Professional’s Guide, explained bosses need to be honest if they want to resolve any issues in the workplace.He claimed disagreements can often arise because the way companies are organised means staff members are set against each other.This can be rectified through reorganisation and by developing a worker’s unique strengths.However, sometimes there can be certain individuals that have a negative impact on an office and, if this is the case, companies must think about removing them, Dr Fraser continued.”It only takes one awkward individual to wreck a team dynamic and tolerating such a presence can negate every other effort for change,” he stated.His comments support a statement made by employment relations minister Edward Davey earlier this year, who advised employers and staff members to try and resolve any employment law disputes as quickly as possible to avoid the case going to a tribunal.Posted by Ross Strowger


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