Clinical negligence payout for man paralysed by abscess

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Posted 23/12/2010

A clinical negligence compensation payout is to be awarded to a man who was left paralysed from the neck down because a medical condition was not treated in time.

Steven Johns, now 24, developed an abscess close to his spinal cord in 2005, the Lewisham Gazette reports.

Although he went to Lewisham Hospital, the problem was not diagnosed and it went on to become infected.

The subsequent damage caused Mr Johns to become paralysed and he now needs round-the-clock care for even the most basic needs.

He took legal action against NHS North East Essex and the organisation has now admitted liability for the mistakes which led to his disability.

A compensation package is now being put together that will cover the patient’s care needs for the future, although the hospital declined to comment on the legal action.

People who are injured because of what they believe to be negligent medical treatment may be able to claim damages and should seek the advice of specialist solicitors as soon as possible.

Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, who heads Ashtons Legal’s clinical negligence team, comments: “This is a prime example of how if legal aid funding were to be withdrawn claimants with complex but highly deserving cases could be denied access to justice and compensation they obviously need and are entitled to. This compensation had to be fought for via legal proceedings funded by legal aid.”


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