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Posted 05/08/2014

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Doctors at the Queen Mary University of London reported that daily aspirin can reduce the chance of developing bowel, stomach and oesophageal cancers by some 30-40% and can half the risk of dying in some cases.

Scientists predict some 122,000 deaths over 2 decades could be prevented if everyone aged 50 and over in the UK took the drug for 10 years. Exactly how aspirin protects against cancer is unknown. Cancer Research UK is funding a number of trials and research projects to establish what is the best dose and how long people should take it for.

Although aspirin can cause internal bleeding, Professor Jack Cuzick who led the research recommended all healthy people aged 50 and above with no blood disorders to consider taking 75mg of aspirin everyday.

Rosaline Wong, Clinical Negligence Solicitor at Ashtons Legal comments:

“Cancer of the bowel is the second commonest cause of death from cancer in the western world, and around 30,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. If bowel cancer is diagnosed early, survival rates are high but sadly I have been involved in a number of claims where doctors have failed to recognise the signs of bowel cancer”.

“Some of my clients’ tell tale signs have been confused with irritable bowel syndrome or haemorrhoids and their repeated complaints of pain, change in bowel habit and passing blood in the stool have been ignored.  Effectively they are denied timely treatment which could significantly improve their chances of survival. Early diagnosis is crucial to prevent spread of the cancer. This year, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt recommended that general practitioners with a poor record on spotting cancer be named and shamed”.

“Whilst the NHS provides excellent standard of care, some patients who had their whole life ahead of them have been let down by their doctors. Misdiagnosis of cancer can be devastating to patients and their dependents. I was able to guide and support my clients through a difficult time and recover substantial amounts of compensation for them to provide the care and assistance they need”.

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