Substantial settlement for Norfolk man in his 60s after Mesothelioma diagnosis

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Ashtons Legal has obtained a substantial settlement for a West Norfolk man in his 60s who received a diagnosis of mesothelioma in 2018.

Having been an apprentice electrician, Mr C worked in a sugar beet factory for over 25 years.

He was exposed to asbestos in a range of different ways but in particular, clearly remembers the asbestos lagged vessels and pipework and how the lagging became fibrous and crumbling due to the extreme temperatures during the sugar beet boiling process. When the beet season finished each year, some of the lagging was removed to allow for maintenance to proceed: “The asbestos strippers would be covered in dust, like snowmen.”

His lawyer comments: “British Sugar now takes the health and safety of its employees very seriously. Sadly, however, in the early days of my client’s employment the company did not provide adequate training and protective measures to safeguard their workforce from the dangers of asbestos.  As a result, instead of my client now being able to look forward to a long and happy retirement with his wife, he faces the prospect of serious ill health and a substantially reduced life expectancy.  No financial compensation could replace his good health, but this settlement and opportunity to embark on private treatment, previously denied on the NHS will enable him to access the best treatment that is available to him for the rest of his life.”


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