Six figure settlement obtained for family of Lowestoft mesothelioma sufferer

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Ashtons Legal has obtained a substantial settlement for the family of Mr B, who died in 2021 following a short but difficult battle with the asbestos-related cancer, mesothelioma.

Mr B had worked as a fitter in various organisations during his career, some of them well-known household names. During the course of his work, he had spent extensive amounts of time undertaking general ship repairs, which brought him into contact with vast amounts of asbestos dust as he attended to pipework and boilers lagged with asbestos insulation which had to be stripped back to allow the maintenance to take place. At no point was he warned of the dangers or offered any protection against the dust particles.

Mr B started to experience problems with his breathing and sought medical advice in October 2020. It took until April 2021 for him to receive his mesothelioma diagnosis and he died less than four months later.

Martyn Hayward, who specialises in asbestos-related disease claims, has worked with the family to bring the claim. He comments: “Mr B’s family went through a very difficult few months, struggling to get the support that Mr B needed during the last weeks of his life. The claim reflects the time and costs they incurred when ideally, professional help would have been provided, as well as seeking to provide some compensation for the pain and suffering Mr B incurred. It also takes into account the fact that medical experts suggest that developing mesothelioma potentially cut his life short by almost five years.

“In reality, no money can realistically compensate for the premature loss of their husband, father and grandfather, but the fact that the claim has settled without the need to go to court shows that his former employers do at least recognise the role that the asbestos to which he was exposed while working for them has played in his premature death.”

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