Settlement obtained for Cyprus-based mesothelioma sufferer

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Martyn Hayward, an asbestos-related disease claim specialist solicitor at Ashtons Legal, has obtained a six-figure settlement for the widow of a man who sadly lost his battle with mesothelioma having moved to Cyprus after he retired.

Mr T had worked as a production operator with a caravan construction company for several years in the 1960s and had come into regular contact with asbestos dust as a result. Asbestos materials were used in the construction process, with asbestolux being cut to fit around the stoves that were put into the caravans. The asbestolux was cut with a power saw and this resulted in a substantial amount of visible airborne asbestos dust.

Mr T was not given any warnings about working with asbestos, was not provided with any respiratory protection and there was no extraction system to remove the asbestos dust particles from the air.

Martin Hayward explains: “Mr and Mrs T were enjoying a well-deserved retirement in Cyprus when Mr T began to experience breathing difficulties and was then diagnosed with mesothelioma. He came to us to pursue his claim, rather than instructing a Cypriot law firm because the exposure to asbestos had occurred while he was working in the UK. There were some hurdles to overcome in terms of contacting a number of different doctors because Cypriot residents do not have one allocated GP as we do in the UK, and in getting the medical notes translated, but the right result has now been achieved.

Living abroad does not prevent anyone from bringing an asbestos-related disease claim in the UK if that’s where the harmful exposure took place. We have helped expat mesothelioma sufferers living in France, Spain and Portugal as well as Cyprus to bring successful claims.”

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