Sarcoma Awareness Month: what are the signs, symptoms and support?

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July is Sarcoma Awareness Month, supported by Sarcoma UK.

It is an opportunity to raise awareness of Sarcoma and the work that the charity does in highlighting the signs and symptoms of this disease and to support those suffering from this type of uncommon cancer.

Although Sarcomas are relatively uncommon there are 15 people diagnosed each day in the UK with Sarcoma. It takes many forms and can be bone, cell or tissue related. Sarcomas can affect any part of the body either internally or externally.

Signs and symptoms to look out for are:

  • a lump or swelling which grows and changes, or is bigger than a golf ball
  • swelling, tenderness or pain in or around the bone which may come and go or become worse at night
  • stomach pain, nausea, loss of appetite, feeling full after eating only a small amount of food
  • blood in your stools or in your vomit.

Sarcomas are usually found when a patient identifies a lump which has appeared on their body but can also be detected through investigations for other symptoms.

As with all cancers the earlier the diagnosis and treatment the better the outcome.

Diagnosis can take the form of:

  • clinical examination
  • scans
  • biopsy
  • bone scans.

Treatment will be dependent on the type, stage and grade of the cancer.

Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and clinical trials may be offered to treat the Sarcoma.

It is important that if you are concerned and have any of the symptoms or signs noted above that you seek urgent medical advice from your GP in the first instance.

For further information and support regarding Sarcoma please visit the following websites:

We Can Help You

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