Baby loss can happen to any family

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One of the key messages during Baby Loss Awareness Week is that it is a tragedy which can affect any family.

As reported on the website of SANDS (Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity), sadly around 15 babies still die before, during or soon after birth every day in the UK. In as many as 40% the cause is not known, while less than one in ten are believed to die due to a genetic or developmental problem.

Approximately 100 babies die in the UK each year because something goes wrong during birth which is either not pre-empted or managed effectively.
However a baby dies, it is devastating for the family. The first thing they want to do is to understand why their child died. For those where there is no obvious answer, it is sometimes appropriate for an inquest to be held. At present this only happens if a baby shows signs of life following birth.

However, Government consultation took place in 2019 and it is hoped that the law will change so that an inquest can be held where a baby is stillborn to help give parents the answers they need and prevent future lives being lost unnecessarily.

Once the cause of a baby’s death is known, families respond in a variety of ways. Some wish to mourn in private and continue with life as normally as they can. However, if the cause of death was that something went wrong during the birth and mother and baby didn’t receive the care they should have, then many want an apology. For others, the focus goes deeper than an apology and they want to do all they can to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen to another family in the future.

That’s where a law firm like Ashtons with a strong team of medical negligence specialists can help, whether a family is looking for an apology, financial compensation or a change in the system to safeguard other unborn children.

If you need individual advice, we are available every week of the year. But this week, Baby Loss Awareness Week, we just want to encourage more people to take a moment to remember those who suffer because they have lost a child.


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