£85,000 compensation for delayed Cushing’s Syndrome diagnosis

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£85,000 obtained for man whose Cushing’s Syndrome was undiagnosed for two years.

Sharon Allison, a specialist medical negligence lawyer at Ashtons Legal, has brought a successful claim for Mr T after his local hospital failed to diagnose and treat his Cushing’s Syndrome in a timely way.  Mr T was experiencing abdominal pain and was given an ultrasound.  However, the report from this suggested he had a simple liver cyst whereas, in fact, the ultrasound showed an adrenal mass.

It was not until two years later, by which time Mr T had put on a lot of weight and experienced further pain and debilitating muscle weakness, that his Cushing’s Syndrome was eventually identified and treated.  By this point, the treatment was lengthy, partly because his weight needed to be lowered before he was fit for surgery.  Had Cushing’s Syndrome been diagnosed at the outset, Mr T would almost certainly have been treated with a ‘keyhole’ procedure as well as being spared two years of difficulty and the side-effects associated with this illness.

Sharon comments: “Unfortunately, a substantial number of the medical negligence claims we undertake relate to errors in reporting the results of tests or scans and a subsequent failure to diagnose an illness or condition accurately in a timely way.  The impact on individuals’ lives is considerable and can be costly.  For instance, Mr T, who was only in his 50s, was unable to do his job properly as a result of his illness whereas prompt diagnosis and treatment would have enabled him to continue with his normal life after a relatively straightforward hospital procedure.”

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