£50,000 obtained for woman following negligent hysterectomy operation

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Sharon Allison, partner and head of the medical negligence team at Ashtons Legal, has obtained a settlement of £50,000 for Ms F, a woman who suffered significant damage to her bladder during a hysterectomy operation.

Ms F was referred to hospital as she had been experiencing regular abdominal pain. She was found to have a large fibroid growth in her uterus and was advised that undergoing a hysterectomy was the only suitable treatment.

Following her surgery, Ms F noticed that there was blood in her urine and that she had lost regular control of her bladder. Despite this, she was discharged from the hospital.

Two weeks later Ms F attended her GP as her symptoms had continued to worsen. She was prescribed antibiotics and was sent home. Four days later she returned to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a vesico vaginal fistula (an abnormal connection between the bladder and vagina) and a ureteric obstruction, both of which were caused by damage to the bladder during surgery. As a result Ms F had to undergo an emergency procedure to insert a catheter into her kidney and several months later required another major surgery to fix the injuries sustained during her initial operation.

A renogram later showed that her left kidney function had reduced to 32% as a result of her injuries.

The consequences faced by Ms F as a result of the negligence were as follows:

  • requiring an emergency procedure to insert a catheter
  • re-implantation of left ureter and VV fistula repair
  • significant reduction in left kidney function
  • ongoing irritable bladder with ongoing issues of frequency/urgency and intermittent discomfort
  • anxiety and psychological issues associated with ongoing reduced kidney function and the future impact it may have.

Sharon comments: “This was an incredibly sad case. One of the fundamental issues in this matter was being properly counselled as to the surgical options available to her and seeking her fully informed consent. Patients have a right to understand all of the treatment options available to them and to make an informed decision based on the factors that are significant to them. It was Ms F’s case that the surgery she underwent was unnecessary and a more limited option would not have exposed her to the injuries that she went on to sustain. It is hoped that the settlement will provide some financial security for her future and that the conclusion of the case will give her some much needed closure.”

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