£128,500 obtained for ‘subtle’ brain and other injuries following a road collision

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Tom Ranson, a personal injury specialist at Ashtons Legal, has obtained compensation of £128,500 for Mr B, following the head and whiplash injuries he suffered in a road collision.

Despite his injuries, Mr B was able to return to work within a couple of weeks of the accident and continued to work full-time. However, he had to change the way he worked because of his injuries, in particular, because of his ‘subtle’ brain injury symptoms, which included difficulties with his memory, fatigue, ability to concentrate and organise things.

The other party’s insurer admitted responsibility for the collision; unfortunately, they disputed all of Mr B’s claims and refused to negotiate or assist with any part of Mr B’s rehabilitation. Ashtons, therefore, arranged for Mr B to be seen by a number of medical specialists and to undergo private treatment. We also issued Court proceedings on his behalf.

Despite having all of the evidence from Mr B, the insurer continued to dispute Mr B’s claims and arranged for him to be seen by their own medical specialists. Interestingly, they did not disclose any of the reports, which suggests their experts agreed with ours. The insurer eventually made an offer to settle and through negotiation, Mr B’s claim was settled.

Tom Ranson comments: “This is another unfortunate example of a failure on the part of the insurer to engage with the Mr B, instead choosing, despite having admitted liability in full, to fight the case and to add insult to injury by denying Mr B’s injuries and losses before settling for a six-figure sum.”


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