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Ashtons Legal were first introduced to Kersha Sanders in 2004 when we were appointed in relation to her clinical negligence claim. The case has since settled and Kersha is now supported in the management of her financial affairs by her Deputy Tom Cook and Jodie Allen in the Court of Protection Team.

With the help of her close family and a small team of support workers, Kersha certainly lives life to the full!  Read here about her achievements and inspirational outlook on life, all in her own words.

“Ok so I have a disability! Please let me point out that I have not at any time looked back or questioned my cerebral palsy and especially never ever let it hold me back.

Having been born with a disability I know no different and can only write my personal point of view about my goals, achievements and outlook on life.

My parents’ from day one installed into me that nothing is impossible – adapt and overcome has always been their moto and it soon became mine.

I was fortunate enough to attend two great schools which were instrumental in getting me where I am today, through my mums hard work, persistence and research, I attended two great schools: The Grove Primary in Cambridge followed by Impington village college. The 70 mile daily round trip was a small price to pay, as they integrated able-bodied as well as disabled, had a big focus on sport which led to me achieving the Roy Burrell award for outstanding achievement and giving me the grades to go on to West Suffolk College to study a two year sport science diploma.

I have an absolute passion for extreme sports and love nothing more than spending my weekends knee boarding or riding my wake bike (a bmx frame fashioned onto a wakeboard), during winter skiing takes over.

A number of years ago my father and I were lucky enough to meet a fantastic guy in the French alps called Marc who runs an adaptive ski school. I fondly recall meeting him for the first time as my father was looking to hire a ski sit chair for me, Marc took one look at me in my wheelchair and immediately said you can stand and ski! My father promptly replied “Marc she’s unable to walk”, thinking that something was misunderstood in translation, but Marc had that same crazy look as my father and before we could say bonjour I was out on the slopes and never looked back. This year was especially memorable as I hit my fastest speed to date 50.7mph – always great to beat my father and our friends 😉

Being wheelchair dependant I find it ever more important to work on my fitness. I train most days including recumbent bike, rowing and weights, along with regular physiotherapy and a balanced diet. I’m in no way obsessed and I do like to party as much, if not more as the next person, but believe life is for living and be the best that you can be.

I do find it sad that people like me are held back, everything is possible, you just need to find a way. Yes, you might need to work twice as hard as the next person, but the look on their faces is priceless.

With that said this has only been possible with the help of my family, friends, physios, Addenbrooks hospital, support workers and everyone else who has played a role into getting me where I am today.”

By Kersha Sanders


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