Fixed penalties and commercial driver court cases

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After the tremendous success of our last transport webinar ‘DVSA maintenance & driver investigations’, and the numerous requests for further online events from our Transport and Regulatory specialist, Tim Ridyard, we are pleased to announce that Tim will be holding a webinar on ‘Fixed penalties and court proceedings’ on 17 December at 10 am.

Fixed penalties are now very well-established and are the main tool used by police and the DVSA to take action against all drivers, not least commercial drivers. Fixed penalties have an impact on an operator’s licence and should always be fully investigated. Often they are a simple and efficient way of dealing with routine cases – but a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not always work.

Commercial drivers can in some cases achieve better outcomes, by challenging them or contesting them in Court. In this webinar, Tim Ridyard looks at some of the twists and turns in this area of the law, with some tips on how to avoid or mitigate penalties, including penalty points.

  • fixed penalties: benefits and downsides
  • offences and road transport sector penalties
  • operators: investigating fixed penalties and reporting
  • how to challenge fixed penalties
  • opting for Court: benefits and pitfalls;  the ‘tax on innocence’
  • what is the Single Justice Procedure?
  • C & U offences: how to avoid penalty points – Hart v Bex
  • ‘special reasons’ and ‘special mitigating circumstances’
  • employee driver defence to No Insurance

This is a free webinar and you can register here.

Previous webinar comments:

“The webinar was very good and I will definitely join future webinars.”

“I haven’t done many webinars but I found this extremely well organised. Good introductions, a pre-produced presentation but with both presenters there present so they were there to answer all questions asked, probably typing answers and answering good questions from the host. Slides clear and relevant. Good experience for me.”

“Excellent presentation and covered all areas.”

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