Over £100,000 obtained for family of mesothelioma sufferer

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Martyn Hayward, an asbestos-related disease specialist, has obtained a six-figure sum for the family of a mechanic who died in 2019 after losing his battle with mesothelioma.

Mr M developed mesothelioma as a result of years spent working with brake and clutch assemblies whose component parts contained asbestos. Mr M was never told about the dangers of asbestos, there was no means of extracting the dust in his working environment and no masks were provided. According to witness evidence, compressed air was used to blow the residue asbestos dust from the brake drums and to clean the dust from his work clothes.

Martyn explains: “As is quite often the case, the company which employed Mr M no longer exists and we were unable to identify the insurers who should have been contacted about his claim. We, therefore, submitted his claim to the administrators of the Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme, which was established to deal with precisely this situation. The application was successful and Mr M’s widow was awarded a compensation settlement.”

He adds: “Ashtons’ asbestos-related disease team has acted for several former mechanics who have contracted mesothelioma from working on brake components. Sadly, the dangers involved were not appreciated a few decades ago in the way that they are now and more should have been done to protect all tradesmen from the dangers of asbestos inhalation.”

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