Below are some examples of psychiatric injury cases Ashtons have settled.

£320,000 obtained for PTSD and head injury following a car accident

Personal injury lawyer, Tom Ranson, obtained £320,000 for a man who suffered a head injury following a car accident. Mr S sustained psychiatric trauma (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – ‘PTSD’) and a ‘subtle’ brain injury after being involved in a rear-end shunt at high speed.

Despite suffering ongoing impaired memory, concentration and decision making issues, Mr S continued working full-time following the accident, whilst undergoing the rehabilitation treatment he needed. This was arranged for him through the claim process by Ashtons Legal.

The Defendant’s insurer originally offered Mr S £25,000 compensation; however after a settlement meeting with the Defendant’s legal team, a figure of £320,000 was negotiated on behalf of Mr S before the case was due to go to court.

Tom Ranson comments: “In this complex case, through the determination and support of all on the side of Mr S, we were able to ensure that he was properly compensated for his losses and also had access to the rehabilitation he needed to help.”

£350,000 obtained for 12 year old pedestrian

Tom Ranson, a personal injury specialist at Ashtons Legal, obtained compensation of £350,000 for Miss B after she was struck by a car at low speed on a pelican crossing when the pedestrian light was red (against her). It was also suggested that Miss B was using her mobile phone at the time.

Fortunately, Miss B sustained minor physical injuries but was subsequently diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (‘PTSD’) and depression. Her schooling was disrupted by her injuries which included significant fatigue. She was diagnosed 3 years after the accident with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (‘CFS’) / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (‘ME’). She was also diagnosed as possibly having suffered a subtle brain injury.

The Defendant’s insurer (through their medical experts) contended that Miss B sustained no more than minor physical injuries in the accident and that her problems since the accident were just a continuation of her pre-accident psychological difficulties.

Miss B’s mother had instructed another firm of solicitors but was not happy with the advice she had received from them and sought a second opinion. Following a meeting with Tom Ranson, she then transferred her daughter’s claim to Ashtons Legal.

Having been advised by her former solicitors to compromise the claim for a figure below £25,000, Miss B’s claim settled through negotiation for £350,000 (which included a deduction to reflect the fact that Miss B had crossed the road when the pedestrian light was red).

Tom Ranson comments: “This was a case that was on the cusp of settling for very little; fortunately, the client’s mother instinctively thought something was wrong and approached us for a second opinion. She then decided to transfer her daughter’s claim to Ashtons Legal and we were able to obtain the further evidence which was required and go on to negotiate a significant six-figure-sum for the client.”

£250,000 obtained for lorry driver following multi-vehicle traffic collision

Michael Wangermann, a personal injury specialist at Ashtons, obtained £250,000 for a lorry driver who has involved in a frightening multi-vehicle collision.

Despite Mr T recovering over a period of a few years from his physical injuries, he experienced persistent headaches and psychological issues. It was suggested (but not agreed) that Mr T might also have suffered a ‘subtle’ brain injury.

As a consequence of his injuries, Mr T struggled to maintain employment, was depressed and at one stage, suicidal.

Having instructed another firm of solicitors, Mr T was not satisfied with the way his case was going, or the advice he had received, in particular that his claim was only valued at around £15,000. Mr T approached Ashtons Legal for a second opinion and then transferred his claim.

Following the transfer of his claim to Ashtons Legal, Court proceedings were issued. Following various offers, on our advice, Mr T finally settled his compensation claim for £250,000.

Michael Wangermann comments: “I was concerned when I first saw Mr T that he was not being advised on all aspects of his injuries and further expert medical opinion was needed. Having taken over the case, I instructed the further experts he needed to see and was also able to ensure that he received the treatment he needed. We were then able to negotiate settlement of his claim for the right reasons and at the right level.”

£100,000 obtained for psychiatric injury following a car accident

Tom Ranson, a personal injury specialist at Ashtons Legal, has obtained £100,000 compensation for a man who suffered a psychiatric injury (and some minor physical injuries) after he was run over by a car.

Mr W had a pre-accident history of both psychiatric and physical issues which complicated the case. However, the medical experts instructed by Tom were able to provide clear and considered opinions upon which the claim could be made. Pleasingly, they were also optimistic that Mr W would make a full recovery from his accident-related symptoms, often this isn’t the case in such circumstances.

Shortly after Court proceedings were issued on Mr W’s behalf, compensation of £100,000 was agreed through negotiations with the other side. In addition, the other side’s insurers also agreed to pay Mr W’s legal costs.

Tom Ranson comments: “This was a case that, given the client’s complex pre-accident history, could have settled for a low five-figure sum; however, with our support, Mr W stood his ground and allowed us to negotiate a settlement that properly compensated him for the injuries and losses he suffered in the accident.”

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