Advise Me

Our employment solicitors provide their advice in a variety of ways.

Some clients like to receive advice on an ad hoc basis, especially where they do not require legal assistance regularly. Other clients, who have more of an ongoing need for advice, prefer to engage our solicitors on a retainer, whereby they receive advice on employment and HR matters on an agreed budget.

The offer

Should you require a fixed annual retainer from us, we can offer you either a full retainer or a retainer which is just made up of a helpline service.

How it works

Both retainers offer:

  • advice provided by telephone or email in relation to routine employment law queries
  • a client relationship management visit/s or telephone call/s by the solicitor allocated to manage the client relationship
  • a review of employment contracts and policies at the outset of the relationship
  • access to a suite of precedent documents (including contracts of employment and HR policies as well as template letters) which are kept up to date.

The helpline retainer allows enquiries to be made on an unlimited basis; provided always that the query can be resolved by telephone and email within an hour of a solicitor’s time without recourse to further documents, or more detailed instructions.

A full retainer gives the added benefit that the scope of the retainer is not limited to the first hour of advice on each enquiry.

Both retainers exclude large projects, such as a collective redundancy process and advice in relation to Employment Tribunal claims from receipt of an Employment Tribunal Claim Form.

The benefit

Engaging advisers on the basis of a retainer:

  • enables you to be advised by people who know how your business works and how you like matters dealt with, thereby creating a bespoke service through the regular contact that you and your solicitor will have
  • provides a sounding board where you want the piece of mind that you are on the right lines
  • allows you to build up a bank of documents which you can tailor for your business based on our precedents
  • provides certainty on fees with no need to agree fee estimates each time advice is needed
  • means you receive advice at an advantageous price due to the unlimited nature of the enquiries under the retainer.

What to do next

Why not ask us to come and see you for a free, no obligation fact finding meeting about your specific advisory needs? We can then discuss advice package options to protect your business and suit your needs, tailored to your budget.

You can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of an experienced and well regarded team of employment lawyers. Why not complete our online enquiry form or give us a call on 0800 915 6037.

We look forward to hearing from you.