Making your start up business more than just an idea.

Having made the decision to start your business, the key issues to grapple with will be finding and keeping customers, generating sufficient cash to keep the business afloat and developing the business as your business and market knowledge grows.

You will need stamina and determination as it is very likely that you will doing just about everything!

Formal planning is often not relevant at this stage, although in a short space of time, you may well need to address:

  • the legal structure your business should follow
  • what formal contracts need to be in place such as a partnership agreement
  • taxation issues
  • leasing a premises
  • raising capital

Even at this early stage it is worth thinking about what may happen in a worst case scenario.

If you or the other directors/shareholders lost capacity or died, we can help with updating or drafting a Will, a Lasting Power of Attorney and/or a shareholder agreement.