Michele Benjamin - Chartered Legal Executive

Michele is part of the Medical Negligence Express Resolution team (ERT) currently working alongside Sharon Allison.

Michele completed her law degree and graduated in 2008 and became a FCILEx (Fellow under the CILEx regulations) in May 2018.

She joined Ashtons in 2016 as a Deputy Claims team leader within the non Personal Injury law club team in Ipswich. She supervised a team of around 15 individuals. After completing placements both in Cambridge (Asbestos-related disease claims) followed by Medical Negligence for two days a week, Michele secured a permanent role in Medical Negligence as a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer.

Michele is strong willed, determined and has a robust work ethic. She will ensure her client gets the justice they deserve as promptly as possible. She has always been passionate about the law and justice. She loves what she does because this area of law is so interesting and intriguing.

Michele is a Fellow member of CILEx.

Outside of work, Michele enjoys music, food, reading, holidays and yoga to name a few.