Aingeal Bater - Paralegal

Aingeal is a Paralegal in our Agriculture & Estates team.

Aingeal leads and assists on a range of Agricultural Law matters. She is experienced in:

  • farm business tenancies
  • deeds of easement
  • agricultural sales and purchases
  • property auctions
  • gifts of land
  • first registrations
  • legal charges of land and refinances.

Aingeal graduated from the University of Cardiff in 2018 gaining her Law Degree.

Her approach is always optimistic. She aims to leave clients with their desired outcome no matter how complex or unusual the issues in their case are.

Aingeal enjoys working within the Agriculture sector as no two matters within the field are the same.

Outside of work, Aingeal enjoys travelling, socialising or sometimes just staying in and curling up with a good book.