£40,000 obtained for family of asbestos-related lung cancer sufferer

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Phoebe Osborne, an asbestos-related disease claim specialist at Ashtons Legal, has recently obtained a compensation settlement for the family of a Norfolk man in his 70s who died after a relatively short battle with asbestos-related lung cancer.

By the time Mr T was diagnosed with the disease he was sadly too ill to be able to undergo chemotherapy.

Mr T, who was originally from London, had worked as a labourer during his early career and was exposed to asbestos in unprotected conditions, including secondary exposure from carpenters he worked alongside.

Phoebe Osborne comments: “As is so often the case, the disease lay dormant in Mr T’s lungs for many years before his symptoms emerged. His exposure came through a range of labouring jobs including laying pipes as part of a drainage project and working alongside carpenters who were having to work in an environment containing asbestos. Although the regulations surrounding asbestos are now much more stringent than they were, the incidence of asbestos-related disease diagnosis is not yet falling and is not predicted to do so for several years to come.”

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