Legal Apprenticeships

Do you want to be a solicitor but don’t want to go, or didn’t have the opportunity to attend university?

Ashtons Legal can offer you an alternative route into law where you can get hands-on, practical experience from the very start of your legal career.

As a legal apprentice you will develop your skills and knowledge in different areas of the law, along with gaining good commercial awareness. Both of these will prepare you up perfectly for when you enter the working world as a qualified lawyer.

A legal apprenticeship is a great combination of ‘work-based learning’ alongside part-time legal study. Approximately 20% of your week will consist of studying the theory fo law at a  university we partner with. The other 80% of your time will be spent working with partners and fee earners on active matters.  As with all apprenticeships you will be required to keep an up to date portfolio of various examples of tasks you have undertaken to present as evidence when it comes to your qualification.

Legal apprenticeships are open to those who have:

– a minimum of 5 GCSEs (grade A-C including Maths and English)
– a minimum of 3 A-Levels (grade C and above)

We currently have no vacancies for Legal Apprenticeships available. Please re-visit the careers pages of our website from time to time – we will highlight here when we have further places available.

You will then be able to make your application via our online application process.

What is a legal apprenticeship?

A legal apprenticeship is effectively learning whilst you are earning. You will spend 20% of your time studying the law in an education institution with the other 80% working with us gaining practical legal experience.

Who can apply for a legal apprenticeship?

Anyone can apply for a legal apprenticeship as long as you have: 5 A*-C GCSEs (including Maths and English) and 3 C and above A levels.

What kind of work can a legal apprentice expect to undertake?

As a legal apprentice you can expect to gain experience in all practical areas of the law. You will be drafting legal documents, preparing for court hearings, and sitting in on client meetings, researching different areas of the law, proofreading legal documents and much more.

What are the benefits of doing a legal apprenticeship?

There are many benefits of choosing to do a legal apprenticeship. These being: you earn while you learn, you do not find yourself with a massive debt to repay after university (the firm will pay for all of your legal study and books) you gain practical experience from the very beginning of your legal career and you work with experienced partners and solicitors.

What is the examination process for qualification as a solicitor?

You will be examined both by coursework and exams. You will undertake two SQE exams near the end of your six year legal apprenticeship.

Throughout your legal apprenticeship you will be required to put together a portfolio of the work you have being doing which will be used as evidence when qualifying.

How long is a legal apprenticeship?

A legal apprenticeship lasts approximately six years from start to finish.


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